What is The Beauty Bible, you ask?

About Us

About Us

We created The Beauty Bible to make sure you never have an ordinary beauty experience again. We take the stress out of not knowing and provide you with personal reviews and recommendations, both from us and our beauty community.

We are the go-to guide for beauty salon and product reviews, so if you are in dire need of a bikini wax while holidaying in Queensland, searching for a blow dry salon while travelling interstate for work, or you just want some intel on the latest Chanel foundation, The Beauty Bible has the answers.

With a myriad of choices out there, it can be overwhelming to know what beauty salon or product to choose, but really it comes down to word of mouth. A personal recommendation. That’s where The Beauty Bible helps.

While beauty and grooming has always been at the forefront of what defines The Beauty Bible, we like to think it has slowly and surely evolved to a survival guide for anyone new to a city, interested in new treatments or just looking for a change in beauty salons.