Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose

By The Beauty Bible x / 25th May, 2017

If you love your skincare, then there’s no doubt you would have heard of Alpha-H Liquid Gold (and are probably obsessed with it!).

Well now the smart folks at Alpha-H have released Liquid Gold Rose, a floral tribute to a cult classic. Liquid Gold Rose combines aromatic botanicals as well as moisture-binding ingredients, offering instant, weightless hydration whilst still possessing the unparalleled resurfacing and smoothing effects of the classic Liquid Gold formula.

The special rose-infused edition of Liquid Gold has taken the beauty world by storm, as its state-of-the-art delivery system effectively diminishes surface roughness, pigmentation and sun damage.

The wonder potion contains key ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin, glycolic acid to speed up the cell renewal process, and rose for its anti-inflammatory and capillary strengthening properties.

If you want to see skin-defying results, Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose is a go-to product. Add one to your shopping basket here. Go on, you deserve it!