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When is the best time to start using anti-ageing skincare?

Hi Kristen,

I have just hit 25 and am worried that I should have started using anti-ageing skincare sooner.

At what age should I start using it, and what products do you recommend?



Hi Alex,
Great question!
In our 20’s is a great age to be looking at starting a skincare routine. Our lifestyle choices affect our skin health in our 20’s and this will show, making the skin look lack lustre, tired and if we have been outside basking in the sun- we will start to see these effects coming through. May not be seen as lines and wrinkles yet…but they are starting! Collagen production starts declining progressively around 24-25 years of age, and we need to looking after these support structures underneath our skin and keep our water levels at optimal levels to keep enzymatic functions in the skin at their peak performance.
I recommend going to see a professional skin therapist and having a skin consultation that will establish your goals for your skin and how to best get the results for you. You will need to remember that you cannot just focus on skincare- you will also need to have regular professional skin treatments. Sort of think we dont go to the gym every 3 months to loose weight. We go consistently and eat right to achive the goal.
With actives, I would recommend to be using a Vitamin A which is designed to regulate functions in the skin and for cellular renewal, antioxidants like vitamin C which is great for collagen and elastin production, a good and complete ratio Essential fatty acid supplement which helps to keep cell membranes and receptors at optimal function and keeps our extracellular matrix around our cells nice and chubby (think volume 🙂 ) and a SPF 50. There are some great ranges out there, make sure you chat to a professional skin therapist.
Hope this helps!
Kristen x

Kristen Schultz - DMK - Skincare - Paramedical - Inner Health - Exercise - Diet - Blog - Beauty Talk - The Beauty Bible

Kristen Schultz has been a paramedical therapist, beauty therapist/make-up artist for 16 years and for the last nine has worked with paramedical skincare brand DMK as an Educator and Account Manager –  making her well versed in the domain of skin health, dermal therapies, cosmetics, beauty and the latest trends.  We love Kristen for her honestly and passion towards supporting our readers towards achieving their skin goals and are excited to have her part of the Beauty Bible family!


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