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How to strengthen your nails

Hi Kristen,

I am a serial Shellac-a-holic and I love getting my nails done! Weekly! My nails are getting super thin and the colour is peeling off easily. What can I be using to help make them stronger?

Armidale, NSW

Hi Renee,

When we indulge in pleasures of Weekly shellac manicures, the constant removal and filing back of the colour will thin the nail plate down, also if you pick off the colour, you also take some of the nail plate cells with it. This also thins the nail.

When the nail becomes thin like this, the shellac doesn’t adhere as effectively and can peel off easily or sooner as the plate is damaged. Massaging a cuticle oil in 2-3 times daily will help stimulation of stronger nails to grow through. I also recommend taking a break from shellac periodically, and if you need to have beautifully painted nails, opt for a standard nail polish application to help your nails recover and come back stronger. Taking an essential fatty acid supplement can also assist in strengthening the nails.

Hope this helps!
Kristen x

Kristen Schultz - DMK - Skincare - Paramedical - Inner Health - Exercise - Diet - Blog - Beauty Talk - The Beauty Bible

Kristen Schultz has been a paramedical therapist, beauty therapist/make-up artist for 16 years and for the last nine has worked with paramedical skincare brand DMK as an Educator and Account Manager –  making her well versed in the domain of skin health, dermal therapies, cosmetics, beauty and the latest trends.  We love Kristen for her honestly and passion towards supporting our readers towards achieving their skin goals and are excited to have her part of the Beauty Bible family!


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