Clarifying Shampoos

By The Beauty Bible x / 27th October, 2017

Hair products, hard water and mineral deposits, chlorine and environmental impurities can all leave scalp buildup over time—which can cause dull, greasy or limp hair. A well deployed clarifying shampoo can take care of all of this, leaving your hair clean, shiny and voluminous.

Although they aren’t a shampoo that you should use every day, you should consider using a clarifying shampoo a couple of times a week to monthly, depending on your type of hair and how much product you use.


Pure Hair Food Clarifying Detox Shampoo: Treat your hair to a Summer holiday with Pure Hair Food Detox Shampoo. This clarifying shampoo removes the build up of products and chemicals and is super soft on your hair with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Pro-vitamin B5 and wheat protein.

Pure Foods - Clarifying Shampoo - Cleansing - Detox - The Beauty Bible

REDKEN New Clean Maniac Micellar Shampoo: Gentle enough for everyday use, the Clean mManiac Clean-Touch shampoo is powered by micellar technology to gently remove impurities, dirt and product build-up.

Redkin - Clarifying Shampoo - Detox - The Beauty Bible


Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash: A detoxifying shampoo with balancing essential oils that penetrate the scalp to brighten your hair and purify either an oily or dry scalp. Containing anti pollutant ingredients that remove unwanted products and chemicals.

Kevin Murphy - Detox - Shampoo - The Beauty Bible

Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo: Restore your hair to a weightless and healthy balance with Moroccan oil clarifying shampoo, a deep cleansing formula that will remove everyday buildup. Rich in avocado and argan oils, this clarifying shampoo nourishes your hair while gently cleansing impurities away.


Pureology Purify Shampoo: Infused with green tea, witch hazel and baking soda, this clarifying and sulphate-free formula gently removes colour-dulling residue and build-up. With the shampoos signature aromatherapy blend, you will feel invigorated after every use.

Pureology - Clarifying - Shampoo - The Beauty Bible


R+Co Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo: OBLIVION removes colour-dulling residue and buildup from chlorine, hard water, and styling products and will leave your hair in the simplest and cleanest place its ever been.