Olive Oil Skincare Company Naturally Nourished Hand Wash

By The Beauty Bible x / 30th October, 2017

What do we love more than natural skincare? Australian-made natural skincare products! So you could understand why we fell in love with Olive Oil Skincare Company, an Australian family-owned business that creates an all-natural range of olive oil skincare products.

Founded in 2010 after the family imported a variety of olive trees from Italy to their farm in Central NSW, Olive Oil Skincare Company today combines traditional methods with modern knowledge to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil skin products.

The comprehensive range of all-natural products harness the proven health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to nourish and enrich both body and soul. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has regenerative properties to help regulate the natural moisturising system of the skin and hair, it improves skin flexibility and elasticity assisting with anti-ageing, cleanses and moisturises while removing free radicals and naturally fighting bacteria, and is rich in vitamins that encourage hair growth.

Olive Oil Skincare Company - Australian Made - Natural Skincare - Product of the Week - The Beauty Bible

We were so lucky to receive a goodie pack containing some of their amazing products to try, and we were besotted with one straight away (ok let’s be honest, we fell in love with all of them but we had to choose one!). The Naturally Nourished Hand Wash is a stand out due to its energising blend of oils, combined with environmentally friendly bamboo particles and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, creating a perfect exfoliating hand wash. The lively scent, soft lather and exfoliating quality of the bamboo leaves the hands feeling soft, smooth and nourished after every wash.

What started with an olive oil soap bar has now expanded to a full range of skincare, haircare, beauty and lifestyle products including balms, body oils, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, serums, cleansers and toners. Olive Oil Skincare Company is committed to making quality, all-natural, 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil skincare, haircare and beauty products that are all ethically produced.