Hydro Boost Serum - Neutrogena


With a purified and condensed Hyaluronic Acid formulation, Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Serum restores up to 3 times higher moisture to your skin in 1 hour. The ‘self hydrating system’ addresses the root cause of inner dryness, so your skin can stay soft, supple and bouncy with a radiant healthy glow.

RRP: $20.00 (AUD)

Packsize: 30ml

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All Reviews (2)

user avatar The Beauty bible
Reviews By Steph C

A nice lightweight formula with a pleasant fragrance. It’s good for the hot days as it doesn’t make my skin sticky. Personally, I prefer a heavier formula especially at night as my skin is quite dry. I tend to layer this under a heavier moisturiser to give me a boost.


16 November 2016
user avatar The Beauty bible
Reviews By mlozza

I really like the lightweight consistency of this moisturiser. It is great under my makeup and my skin is feeling much less dry since using it, without going oily.


18 November 2016