Mineral Bronzer - Scout


Swirl on the Bronzer to impart a healthy sun kissed glow.  Silky smooth and easy to apply.  Use our Mineral Bronzer to brighten up a pale complexion.

RRP: $39.95(AUD)

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Reviews By Karina

This mineral bronzer is great for adding a touch of a summer glow to my face, giving it a very natural look (and not orange unlike many other bronzers), so it makes you look very healthy and radiant as if you’ve just come home from a beach holiday. The lose powder is very finely milled, and it is very pigmented, so you only need to use a little, so you do need to be vary not to apply too much – but that said, it is easy to apply and blend with a large powder brush, and is also suitable to use to contour the face, or even add to the décolleté and shoulders when you’re going out. It has an ever so slight sheen, which helps make the skin look so radiant. Personally I do find lose powders a little messy, and clumpsy me always end up spilling and hence wasting product, so for that reason I generally prefer pressed powders, but I this bronzer (in the shade Winter 2.0) is so lovely and a perfect match for my ski tone, so I can actually see myself purchasing it again and again.


23 January 2017