Thursday Plantation Deep Cleansing Oil - Thursday Plantation


Thursday Plantation Oil Cleanser combines nature’s cleansing and moisturising oils to deeply cleanse the skin while supporting its protective barrier and improving its condition.  This multitasking cleanser removes makeup, excess oils and impurities

RRP: $17.99 (AUS)

Packsize: 125ml

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Reviews By Martha B

This product is awesome. It melts off the daily grime, makeup and doesn’t dry out your skin. I use this in the shower as my makeup-remover and cleanser by applying straight onto a slightly damp face and then wash it off with a face washer. I did find that if a face washer wasn’t used it did leave a slightly oily residue. It leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and hydrated.

I would recommend this product for beauties with dry skin.


25 January 2017