Sami Bloom

By The Beauty Bible x / 14th April, 2016

Sami Bloom is a certified health coach, yoga instructor and soon to be qualified nutritionist. With a degree in law and communications, Sami worked in law firms and advertising agencies in Sydney and New York before her own health complications prompted her to make positive life changes, revitalising her health and carving out a new career path. From here, her passion grew.

Sami launched her blog, Health & Bloom, in 2015, to empower people to fall in love with healthy living. She is constantly posting wellness tips, nutrition advice and healthy, heartfelt recipes to showcase how delicious clean-eating can truly be. Her philosophy is founded upon her studies and her own experiences and is fuelled by a desire to educate others. Sami’s aim is to give people the tools they need to feel their most vibrant, confident selves.


Thanks Sami for joining us this week xx



What is the one beauty product you cannot live without?

Anastasia Beverley Hill’s eyebrow pencil.


Skincare routine?

I love to use natural oils to remove make-up like grapeseed oil or joba joba oil. I cleanse my face properly using a konjac charcoal sponge – when we use our hands or a harsh towel we can really rub and pull at our skin! During the day I like to spray a toner on before applying my moisturiser, and at night I will use rosehip oil or a serum under my moisturiser plus a dab of eye crème. Once a week I set aside time to exfoliate and treat myself to a hydrating face mask.


Signature scent?

Hanae Mori no. 3. but I steer clear of using perfume everyday. During the day I use a natural body mist and/or some essential oils dependent on my mood and what I need – lavender, jasmine, bergamont, citrus are just a few I love!

What’s in your makeup bag?

I’ve cleaned up my routine by choosing natural make-up and making “cruelty-free” a non-negotiable. Whilst I generally only fill in my eyebrows and wear a lick of mascara during the day, my make-up bag is full of goodies for nights out or special occasions. You’ll find a primer, crème foundation (tip: mix with moisturiser for a lighter coverage), concealer, bronzer, illuminator, a bold mascara, eyelash curler, eyebrow pencil and a simple lip balm that will last me forever! Plus a complexion sponge and range of synthetic brushes.

The best piece of beauty advice your mum gave you?

Moisturise everywhere! Even your feet and the backs of your hands. She has the softest skin.

The beauty product that everyone should know about?

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – Easy and effective.

One lesson you wish you learnt when you were younger?

Always be present.

Smokey eye or red lipstick?

Smokey eye.

Mascara or bronzer?


Morning routine?

Wake up early, cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, make warm lemon water, take 10-20 diaphragmatic breaths, drink another large glass of water and head off to a yoga class or beach run.

One thing you can’t live without?

At the moment, essential oils and my diffuser.

Makeup brand you swear by?

Adorn Cosmetics.

Favourite salon?

Ze Flamant Rose – Natural and cruelty-free hair salon with the best scalp massage!
Favourite treatment?

A hydrating facial, involving a delicious massage… I love having my head and hands massaged!

Favourite way to indulge?

A weekend getaway with my partner amongst nature and with lots of fresh, healthy food.

If you were spending a day with your best girlfriends, what would you do?

A long coastal walk, brunch, a mani/pedi, an evening stroll or ocean swim, a good communal home-cooked dinner with rose, a chick flick and some raw chocolate and chai tea.

Which beauty trend are you loving right now?

That people are becoming more aware that the best beauty trick is a clean diet.

Beauty idol/inspiration?

Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Finch.


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